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Painting Kit Rolling Wave Barbara Applegate
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Sunset Sail - Painting Kit
The Rolling Wave Painting Kit
Painting Kit Sunset Sail-Applegate

All our Oil Paint Kits

Oil painting sets that include all your art supplies

Easy to follow painting tutorials

 My Barbara Applegate Art Instruction DVDs and Painting Kits are designed to make it easy for you to reconnect to the artist inside you.

Remember how happy you were in school when the bell rang, and you’d hurry to your next class…art class.  You were learning all about painting. You loved creating.  Working with color, paint and brushes was the best part of the day. You always left the classroom feeling calmer and less stressed.

Now, our lives are filled with so many responsibilities.  Every minute of the day is scheduled and, we all know that we rarely leave time for play.

I challenge you to remember how much you enjoy creating something from nothing.  How good it will feel to pick up a paint brush and make a painting that you can hang in your home.  Something uniquely yours.

My Barbara Applegate Painting Kits and Tutorials are designed to make it easy for you to reconnect to the artist inside you.

Everything you need to get started is included in our oil painting sets: tubes of paint, five brushes, canvases, a palette and two painting tutorial DVDs.

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What you get in each oil painting set

*     Two step-by-step painting demonstrations

*     Tubes of oil paint

*     A heavy duty palette

*     Five oil painting brushes

*      Two 8×10 inch canvases (invite a friend to share the fun)

[TURPENTINE not included]

*     Have questions? Contact us:

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