Oil Painting Instruction and Painting Kits

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We are thrilled that everyone who uses our painting kits and videos, knows they are getting Barbara’s unique and easy to follow painting instruction guaranteed to make each painter a better artist.

– Barbara Applegate

Before I created Barbara Applegate Studio online, I taught for twenty-five years in my own studio.  I soon learned the best way to demonstrate the various oil painting techniques was to set up my easel, paint and let my students ask all their questions.  My online studio is much like my leaky old barn studio… a place where you can explore your own creativity through videos and tutorials. 

Our lives have become fast paced with more responsibility and fewer hours to call our own. Reconnecting to your creative self will “rise you up” and insure balance in your life.  That sounds like a tall order but the joy and satisfaction you’ll  feel when you create a beautiful painting will make you want to sing.

The painting DVDs come in two categories for Beginners and/or Experienced Painters.  If you have painted for years but want to learn some new techniques you will enjoy these videos.  Maybe you have worked in acrylics or watercolors and just want to try oil paints….you will find basic instruction in mixing color, applying glazes, adding birds and figures and painting the most challenging subject… water. Working with canvas and paints is amazingly calming and restful.  All those annoying thoughts and doubts that too often fill our heads just disappear.  You’re too busy trying to figure out how to put those dazzling highlights in the water.

But then what about the newbies?  The first time painters don’t even know where or what supplies to buy.  

 “Tips and Tricks” is my first video just for beginning painters. It answers  simple questions: how to set-up a makeshift studio; how much turpentine for the perfect mixture; which paints produce the most luminous colors. And yet, they still don’t know what art supplies to purchase.

I’ve created Oil Painting Kits…a really elegant solution with all the painting materials needed to start painting. 

So, no more excusesI put a painting kit together with everything needed (minus the turpentine) including my “Tips and Tricks” DVD and a full, easy to follow, “Step by Step” painting instructional video. You will love this and it makes a great gift for a budding artist.

I bet you thought I did this in a couple of months? Hah!

My asthma took over my life…

It took ten months to film the videos, develop the painting kits and to build my new website Barbara Applegate Studio.com. 

Yes I built it myself…almost as satisfying as creating an award winning oil painting.  I was so stressed over whether I would have any customers my enhaler was always in my hand.

The best part…

 Inspite of all my insecurities, we released our first painting kits and instructional DVDs and the response has been pure joy.  New and experienced painters have reached out telling me how much they’ve learned.  Best of all they find the DVDs entertaining.    Go figure…Go have some FUN!!!  

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