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Create A Beautiful Oil Painting with our Painting Kits

Great for beginners 

Step by step painting video with all the art supplies included

Painting DVD  previews

These are the best oil painting kits and sets for beginners because they include all the art supplies plus two DVDs with step by step lessons in painting your first oil painting.

Barbara’s painting kits arrives on your doorstep with everything you need to create your first oil painting.

Each paint set includes: 8 – 10 tubes of oil paint, five brushes, a heavy-duty palette, two stretched canvases and two instructional videos.  (TURPENTINE not included)

The first DVD introduces you to oil painting tools for beginners.   You’ll learn how to set up a temporary work space anywhere.  You don’t even need an easel.  Also, a great introduction to mixing oil paints, as well as basic oil painting materials and techniques for beginners.

Most important, in the second video, Barbara takes you step by step through the painting process.  You will learn to paint an underpainting.  Where to apply glazes and when to put thick impasto paint on your canvas.  How to paint water and reflections and so much more.

Our Oil Painting Kits – Sets are the perfect solution for everyone who wants to start painting in oils but doesn’t know where to begin. 

The best part is with Barbara’s easy to follow demonstration you will create a lovely oil painting to hang on your wall or give away as a gift.

This is your time to explore oil painting, therefore no more excuses.

Painting is so much fun!

“Tips and Tricks”   

Learn all about colors and mixing oil paints and setup a painting station anywhere

Each Kit is Handsomely Packaged with All the Supplies Included

Two Canvases – Five Brushes – A Heavy Duty Palette –  Tubes of Oil  Paint – Drawing Template – Instructions AND Two DVDs


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