Painting Seagulls with Attitude

Living on the coast of Maine I get to see first hand the hilarious antics of our native seagulls.  People either hate them “calling them flying rats” or love them as I do.


They strut up and down the beach on their sturdy little legs and fear nothing.  If you’re enjoying a snack WATCH OUT!  They will swoop down and try to grab it right out of your hand.  If you don’t share, a loud squawking, clearly a string of swear words fills the air.

In flight over a crashing wave they appear brave and majestic flying into the ocean spray. I paint them in all their various attitudes.

This fellow is clearly re-thinking his decision not to go South when the first snow flakes hit.

Don’t let the challenge of painting a white bird scare you off.  In this portrait I concentrated on painting all the shadow and then adding warm highlights with a mixture of Cad Yellow and Titanium White. To make the painting sing exaggerate the color of the eyes and/or the beak. This guy is part of my print collection so hit the button below if you want to having him staring out at you from your wall.  Next Post is all about the majestic fellows flying into the crashing surf complete with video.

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