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Oil Painting Kits with All the Supplies
Everything the budding artist needs to complete their first painting

The Rolling Wave Painting Kit

Oil Painting Kits, our most popular items are perfect for the beginner painter.  They come with all the supplies you need to complete a beautiful oil painting.
Two DVDs explain step-by-step everything including how to mix paints, how to apply oil paint and finally how to clean up.  You will follow Barbara stroke by stroke as she demonstrates her oil painting techniques from blank canvas to finished painting.
Would you like to improve your painting technique?  Try one of Barbara’s painting video tutorials.  She explains each phase of the the painting process and how to tackle difficults problems like painting water.  She shares her use of layers in the painting and when to move onto thick impasto paint.
Finally, when looking for the special art print for your home or a gift,  you can trust the prints included in the Barbara Applegate Premium Print Collections.  Wonderful giclees filled with color and light that will brighten any home decor.

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