“Sunset Sail” – Oil Painting Kit

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A great oil painting kit for beginners – everything you need.

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The best oil painting kit for beginners

Step-by-step oil painting lessons plus all the essential art supplies

"Sunset Sail" painting kit preview

Just starting out?  Here’s the best oil painting kit for the beginner artist in all of us.  Learn to paint these beautiful sunlit sailboats, sparkling water reflections and a colorful sunset sky with these easy to follow oil painting lessons.

The painting kit comes with all the art supplies you’ll need to complete this painting.  There are all the oil paints you need,  two 8 x 10 inch canvases, a variety of brushes, a palette and even a template to help you place the sailboats on the canvas. In addition, there are two DVDs filled with helpful painting tips and a complete oil painting demonstration.  (TURPENTINE not included)

First, Barbara will show you how to set up a painting studio anywhere and you don’t even need an easel.  This video demonstrates how to mix oil paints and how to keep your oil colors clean and vibrant. You’ll also learn important lessons about when to use turpentine and how to care for your art supplies at the end of the day.

Next, the second DVD is an oil painting tutorial.  This video starts with the white canvas and takes you step by step to the finished painting.  Barbara divides the painting into easy to follow lessons explaining underpainting, the importance of brushstrokes, glazing, and oil color mixing and application.

Best of all, you will have a delightful oil painting to adorn your wall or give as a special gift from the heart.

Painting is a great adventure.  Now feel confident as you can start your oil painting journey with the best supplies and instruction.

Plus oil painting tips for beginners

You'll be surprised to learn just how easy it is to create a lovely oil painting with my step-by-step instructional DVD.

And Here's the Best Part...You'll have everything you need to create this beautiful artwork.

Turpentine not included
  • Eight tubes of paint selected just for this DVD
  • Five different brushes
  • Canvas
  • A template to help place the sailboats on the canvas
  • A heavy duty palette for mixing paint.

And for a

I’m including TWO stretched canvases…So invite a friend and have some fun!

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One Palette, Two Stretched Canvas, Five Brushes, Nine Tubes Oil Paint


Two DVDs, "Tips and Tricks" and "Sunset Sail", Step-by-Step Demo