“Sunset Sail” – Video For Beginners

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Step-by-Step painting lessons for the beginner oil painters. Are you new to oil painting?  This is the painting video for you.

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An oil painting video for beginners

Easy to follow painting lessons for those artists just starting out with oils

“Sunset Sail” video preview 

Learn the basics of oil painting with these fun, easy to follow DVDs

Everyone wants to know what do I need to start painting?  We have the answers for you and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to create your first painting.

This is a set of two art instruction dvds. The first video is fill with oil painting basics; how easy it is to set up a temporary art studio anywhere including your kitchen counter.

Then Barbara talks about the art of mixing oil paints, how much turpentine to use and when to add white to your other oil colors.  This is great information and will help you get right into the fun part of painting.

In the second DVD, Barbara demonstrates step-by-step how to paint a sunset scene with a sail boat and distant horizon.  She explains each layer of paint, what brushes to use for the best brushstrokes and what oil colors she uses to create luminous sky and water.

Finally you’ll learn the most important lessson of all, how to know when the painting is finished. You won’t be disappointed. Barbara shows you how to bring the oil painting to completion and where to place those final strokes of paint.

As a result, you will be proud to hang your new oil painting in your living room or give it to a loved one as a present from the heart.

Best of all, if you don’t already have all your essential oil painting supplies you can purchase one of our Oil Painting Kits.  Included are all your art materials plus these two beginner painting DVDs

       Preview oil painting basics             

Everything you always wanted to know about oil paints

A wonderful and unique gift

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