“Sunset Sail” Video – Oil Painting Demo

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Step-by-Step oil painting tutorial. Learn how to add light and color to your paintings

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A Step by step oil painting tutorial

Learn how to create this oil painting in this easy to follow art instruction Dvd

“Sunset Sail” Step-by-Step Painting Techniques

Encourage the artist inside you.  Are you always looking to improve your oil painting skills?  This is the painting tutorial for you.

In this are instruction video, Barbara starts with the blank canvas and takes you step by step through the painting lesson. She will also share the oil painting supplies and materials that she uses to create her luminous landscape paintings.

 Follow Barbara as she explains basic painting techniques such as glazing with paint and when to apply a thicker layer of impasto paint. The colors she uses are arranged on her palette for easy understanding of how to mix oil paints to create rich, clean colors.  All Barbara’s art lessons are filled with tips on how to add depth to your composition, where to place your subject and how to create vibrant traditional oil painting landscapes.

This painting tutorial is full of practical knowledge that takes even the experienced artist to a new understanding of how to complete an oil painting from start to finish. As a result you will paint with more confidence.

You won’t want to miss a moment of this painting demonstration. Most important you’ll work at your own pace in your own home and enjoy the benefits of this tutorial again and again.

The best part is when you are finished you will have your own beautiful oil painting to adorn your walls.

It also makes a unique gift for the painter in your family so treat yourself or a loved one to this fun and instructional oil painting experience.

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