“The Rolling Wave” – DVD For Beginners

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Beginner’s painting demo, learn to paint a seascape in oil

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A step by step oil painting video for beginners

What you need to start an oil painting

“The Rolling Wave” preview

Learn to capture the action and excitement of water flying into the air and crashing on to the beach.

Learning how to oil paint may be overwhelming unless you have a great guide and teacher.  In this two DVD set, created just for beginner painters, you will learn many “Tips and Tricks” that will move you to the front of the class.

The first painting video describes how to set up your temporary studio workspace anywhere.  This is great for anyone who doesn’t have an art studio or even an easel. 

Next, Barbara will explain how to mix your oil paints, how much turpentine to use and when to clean your brushes.   You’ll learn all about the basic materials and supplies you will need to create your first painting.

The second painting DVD is a step by step video of how to paint a vibrant seascape.  Learn how to paint a crashing wave as it hits the sand.  What oil colors to use to make sea greens and blues that will fool the viewer into thinking they are right there on the beach, and how to paint sea mist rising above the water.  

Finally, and most important, Barbara will show you how to add all the finishing details that go into painting a successful seascape in oils.

When just beginning to paint you might need help choosing your supplies.  We are happy to help with this and have created an Oil Painting Kit with everything you will need (minus TURPINTINE). Each painting kit includes: oil paints, canvases, brushes, palette and the two, easy to follow videos.

So whether you have your own art supplies or use one of our painting kits to get started don’t hesitate. It’s so much fun to paint!

Learn all about oil paints

“Tricks and Tips” preview

Learn the basic supplies needed for oil painting

Everything You Need to Create a Beautiful Painting

(does not include turpentine)

A Unique and Thoughtful Gift

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