“White Horse Farm” – Oil Painting Video

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Learn to create dramatic landscape paintings with vivid color, light and shadows.

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Oil Painting Demonstration DVD

Step-by-step learn to paint a landscape with oils

“White Horse Farm” oil painting demonstration

Learn to create landscape paintings with dramatic skies and vivid light and shadows

Learn how to create a realistic Landscape painting in oils and take your painting skills to the next level with this 60 minute oil painting tutorial.

You’ll learn the technique for painting dramatic skies filled with storm clouds.  How to create a three dimentional, landscape. How to make your buildings and barns fit into the surrounding trees and mountains without looking pasted on.

Knowing how much detail to add can be very confusing.  Barbara explains her step by step process of adding detail little by little while always looking for ways to simplify the composition.

Methods of applying paint to achieve different effects is essential to any oil painter.  This landscape painting video will teach you to start a painting with glazes and build it up over time with heavier applications of paint, also called impasto.

Barbara will discuss all the supplies she uses: “After years of trial and error I can help you choose the right equipment to succeed at oil painting.  What greens make the most beautiful meadows?  What brushes keep your brushstrokes interesting and alive and when to add highlights to your painting?”

The best part is that with this DVD you can learn at your own pace.  In the comfort of your own home you can watch this oil painting demonstration again and again. Try knew colors with confidence.

Paint along with Barbara and you will be thrilled with the outcome and proud to hang your finished painting for friends and family to admire.

Oil paints are the perfect medium for painting realistic landscapes.

So, treat yourself to our best-selling painting landscape video and have some fun.

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Choose a favorite photo and create a beautiful oil painting.

Learn how easy it is to mix clean, clear colors

“Tips and Tricks” ~ and little secrets of oil painting

Discover the Joy of Oil Painting

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